Liberated Basket Medallion Quilt-a-Long — Log Cabin Border

I freaked out when I read the theme for this border. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to make log cabin blocks when the vintage scraps I selected for this project are all small squares and triangles, with only a few larger pieces, and No Strips!

Then I remembered the good old pineapple block with its short strips — my pieces were just long enough that I could pull off a 6″ block. I gave them green centers and plain muslin lights to coordinate with the rest of the quilt. With this border, the top is 34″ square.

I don’t think it’s very Gwennie-looking, but stitching a wonky pineapple block is beyond my capabilities. Since I don’t paper piece, these blocks were sewn without a foundation, and most don’t match up perfectly. Also, I mixed in a few newer stripes and plaids. I guess that’s as liberated as I’m going to get.

Now I’m excited to see all the other wonderful borders on Lori’s blog (Humble Quilts).



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