Simple Objects Quilt Top

After viewing some pages of this fabulous old coloring book on doe-c-doe‘s blog entry for June 25, I sent her an e-mail and asked if I could possibly talk her into scanning the other pages in the book and sending them to me.  I had looked all over for a copy of the Simple Objects coloring book without success, and I really wanted to make an embroidered baby quilt with these designs.  Well…she scanned every image and sent me a DVD right away.  I was thrilled.

This quilt is made using an old candy box of vintage triangle quilt pieces purchased on ebay and a new old stock muslin sheet, also purchased on ebay (those old percale and muslin sheets are perfect for quilting and embroidery).  The triangles are swatches from the 40’s and each one is different.  The quilt pattern is a variation of a 9-patch and snowball design — a variation made necessary by the fact that I had so many triangles (and just a few squares).   The top of the quilt has a small, pieced border row which I will repeat around the entire top.  I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to quilt it.  Thank you Gina!

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