Posts Written On July 2009

ABC Embroidered Quilt Block — House (with new siding)

Here’s part of a comment I just received from my friend, Bunny, at When Life Hands You Scraps:

“about the wood grain on the door, you’re right, it does look busy but I think that is because the house is so plain other than the door, windows and roof. Maybe some light horizontal lines across the house would make it look more balanced? I love the thread.”

After looking at the block again, I realized this was a great idea and could tone down all the detail on the door and windows. There was just enough thread left to add a little siding to my house and now I think it looks just right.

Thanks Bunny!

Old House


New House




ABC Embroidered Quilt Block — Ice Cream

The “I” block in the ABC Coloring Book is a giant ice cream cone.  I just wasn’t interested in stitching it since it has so little detail.  Fortunately, I have two other coloring books illustrated by Vincent and Dorothy Fago and one of them has a cute drawing of an ice cream vendor with a little boy.  I took the boy out of the picture (he’s cute, but the picture seemed too busy and a little too big) and I’m very happy with the way this turned out — much better than the giant cone.  I used an Anchor floss with sherbety colors.

I am going to use this coloring book for the extra four blocks which will be the four seasons.  The drawings have cute little boys and girls like the ice cream cone boy.  This is my last block for row 2, so next I will post the two rows with sashing. Now on to row 3 and K is for King.





ABC Embroidered Quilt Block – Giraffe

This was a pretty straightforward block that was quick and had a nice fill pattern for the letters. I like this variegated floss — the colors are perfect for a giraffe. I just couldn’t bring myself to make yellow grass, so I bent my self-enforced rules again and used a different color floss for the grass.

Some readers have asked which stitches I use and how many strands of floss. Most of these ABC blocks were done in stem stitch, with a little back stitch when I need very fine lines. The stem stitch details (giraffe spots) and any back stitch (letter H grid) are usually one strand, and the outline is generally two strands.




ABC Embroidered Quilt Block – Fireman

This is a DMC variegated thread and it’s very subtle — sort of a red, fuchsia, pink and orange, but it’s difficult to see in the photograph.  Since the fireman drawing doesn’t have anything obvious to use as a fill for the letters, I decided to draw some flames.  There are a couple of other blocks where I’m having trouble coming up with a fill pattern, but I’m sure something will come to me eventually.  I’ve started sewing the second row together — just finishing up the embroidery on the last block.  When it’s put together I’m going to hang it up and photograph the first two rows.  I’m very happy with the way the sashing looks with the letters.